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Our Partners

How We Evolve

Our partners are like the trees, plants, animals and inhabitants  of a prosperous rain forest. We believe in creating thriving partnerships wherein each bond plays a vital role in the success and progression of Humanity as a whole. Our partners are like family. We believe strong families build strong communities and strong communities build strong nations.

We Encourage
Transformational Growth. We Bow With Reverence to The Divine Heart Within.

National park
elephant footprint in the middle of the rainforest with a brown human hand touching the gr

Choosing Us

Our Practice

We aim to level the playing field through exposure & accessibility to self-advancement resources and a guided reconnection to Source Energy for all.

With extensive research and collaborative efforts, our cultivated team leads in the fulfillment of transformation and growth.

We align purposes, passions, and plans across platforms that anchor provisions.

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Grow Your Vision

Our partners represent an integrated network of

conscious individuals, organizations and communities.

“We Are Here Representing the Future of Advancement and Abundance for Humanity.
We Affirm Generational Power, Peace, and Prosperity for the Human Race."

DeAnna Marie, Founder Statement

"We are courageously
 partnered with
motivated &
 diverse investors, inventors, and innovators.
It is through the generosity and teamwork of our influential allies that we continue to lead in innovation and evolvution."
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Discover how to Partner With Us!  |  Tel: 213-200-1406

Mt. Shasta Avenue

Joshua Treet, CA 92252


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We Will Be in Contact Soon.

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