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Earth and Space

Gaia's Rebirth

Our home planet, Gaia as we reference her, needs our help. She deserves the help of every human being who has benefited from the abundance of her resources = from the air we breathe to the food we consume on a daily basis.

Gaia is crying out to each one of us. She requires our attention and assistance to facilitate and foster the renewal of her energy and planetary rebirth.

It starts Here & Now with us.

 On a global daily scale, Gaia is faced with air, land, and water pollution. She is plagued with the exploitation of her resources, in addition to the systematic, mass slaughter of her creations that we categorize as nothing more than food-grade animals. The list of problems that our home planet stands against is evergrowing and complex. We must stand together as a solution-based global society fighting to see her full restoration. 

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 to instill or teach by persistent instruction such as with an attitude, idea, or habit.  

Volunteers Cleaning Park
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Support Us in
Gaia Gardens

Ecology Gardening Tour

Gaia Gardens

What are Gaia Gardens?

Gaia Gardens are everywhere. From your local library to a nearby park and even your own backyard, it is easy to locate and start giving back to Gaia by tending to her numerous gardens. Gaia Gardens represent a network of integrated growers, flower enthusiasts, and nature connoisseurs alike. By supporting Gaia Gardens. we serve a higher purpose of bringing life back the garden.

Group Planting a Tree
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