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Our Beliefs

Our Truth

"That Which is Forbidden, That Which is  Hidden...
Will be Sought,
Will be Found.
This is Our Awakening."

We believe in unconditional love. We believe in peace. We believe in harmony. We believe in trust. We believe in patience. We believe in joy.  We believe in abundance. We believe in prosperity. We believe in care. We believe in grace. We believe in Humanity. 

We believe in restoration. We believe in redemption. We believe in forgiveness. We believe in loyalty. We believe in faith. We believe in Hope. We believe in healing.

We believe in life. We believe in rebirth.

We believe in being. We believe in Gaia.

We believe in discovery. We believe in recovery.

We believe in family. We believe in friends. We believe in laughter. We believe in smiles. We believe in music. We believe in dance. We believe in prayer. We believe in liberation. We believe in freedom. We believe we are sent here to be an example of the gifts in which we believe. We believe in Light. We believe in truth. We believe in higher powers. We believe in A Supreme Higher Power herein called SOURCE ENERGY.

We believe in Divine Order.

We are Free. We are Here. 

Moon Stages
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My Journey

Greetings chosen one, gratitude for energizing our site. My name is DeAnna "Anna" Marie Margaret greer. I am the President & founder of Illustratum Inceptum, LLC; I am also the Source writer & designer for all our organizational website and social media platforms, Portal CCXXII -  We are here for a purpose.


I was born in a small German based town located in Southern Illinois near the Mississippi River. I found much success in my academic studies from an early age manifested by receiving various awards in academics, arts, & literature. One of my first notable achievements was attained in unfolded in elementary school with a passionate poem of a past life regression entitled "The Water, My Friend."  I cultivated a groundbreaking organization and website specializing in self-realization & healing, soul restoration & development and community embodiment & empowerment. 

I set out to create a simplified, efficient platform for enlightened brands & beings from all over the globe.


Portal CCXXII represents leaders. creators, dreamers, artists, and entrepreneur-minded individuals on a high engagement, proportionately saturated platform. After years of research & renewal, trusting the process, and appreciating both losses & successes, Illustratum Inceptum, LLC "Portal CCXXII" was manifested into physical existence. 

We are
Source Energy.

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