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Welcome! "Salve!"

Chosen Ones "Electi"

We welcome you to Portal CCXXII.

Herein lies the wisdom and power

to ignite Enlightenment and Ascension.

Proceed in Truth,

Progress in Wisdom.

Persist in Valor.



We are Here. "Hic Sumus."

We Are Free! "Liberi Sumus!"

Our Purpose

Heal the World

At ILLUSTRATUM INCEPTUM LLC, our purpose lies in serving Gaia, Humanity, and all the inhabitants herein. We serve by acting as an open gateway between self and source energy. With the utilization of self-awareness, self-expansion, and self-advancement lessons, we guide each individual to reconnect to a more purposeful form of self by recognizing the divine source energy in all.


We aim to provide a realm of wisdom & knowledge backed with healing & understanding,

Portal CCXXII thrives in the procurement of spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. We specialize in the "Initiation of Ascension" within one's self through interpersonal relationships.


We nurture and educate on natural-idiomatic resources that aid in the rebirthing of Gaia. We trust in amalgamated growth to yield Liberation.

By encouraging human accountability,

we aid in the endowment of

multidimensional advancement & achievements.

Rainbow Waterfall

Source Energy

Seek & Find

We believe Source Energy refers to a point of origin from which all that exists draws its life force.  it is an origin where all unconditional love, healing, and creativity surface. Source Energy represents all beliefs, ideas, and energies, ultimately both ends of the same stick and spectrum.  Source Energy is not a physicality but rather a spiritual-divine point and place in consciousness, where one can access the essence of the life force itself also called qi.
This life force births all things. 

Source Energy flows through and connects all things. Everything that exists is a manifestation of this life energy. By becoming more attuned to this gold mine of consciousness and working with it, we can make our lives miraculous beyond anything we can imagine. 

All Praise to the SUPREME CREATOR, the divine father-mother source energy from which all creation is, was, and will be. ase'.

Our Perspective

Enlightened Undertakings

Our vision of the world around us motivates our mission toward Gaia & Human renewal and transformation. We believe our dreams fuel the steps toward a brighter future for us all. 

Illustratum Inceptum, LLC holds the values of individuals and organizations who prioritize Needs & Desires on a daily, global scale within humanity & beyond. 

 We lead in Campaigns & Projects based in local, international, and interdimensional: community affairs, human Ascension, Affiliate Commerce, and currency/Crypto-Education. By implementing a strategic network with targeted outreach, we promote & expand within our foundation of goal-oriented conscious beings. 

Evolution is Inevitable.

We are Here. 

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Seek Source

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Sunset Clouds

Balance. Harmonize. Restore.

Mountaineous Landscape

Humanity is Healing

Frequency Healing

frequency healing is a type of sound wave therapy to induce a state of awareness, relaxation, and harmony in the body. This realm consists of Different frequencies of sound that have different effects on human beings including human brain activity.  Scientific and spiritual experimentation has proved that once new frequencies are introduced to the brain, the waves within your brain are compelled to synchronize to this new phenomenon. It is our belief with purposeful introduction, conscious repetition, and whole being immersion - these balanced frequencies launch the being's brain into a higher state whilst unraveling an overall holistic full-body effect.

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